Lucky Bamboo Plant with Pot at Best Prices

Nurturing Bamboo Plant with Glass Pot and Sprinkler

Nurturing Bamboo Plant with Glass Pot and Sprinkler

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  • About The Plant : Appealing, elegant and easy to grow, Lucky Bamboos are perfect plants for everyone. They are symbol of good luck, prosperity & fortune. It is said that every NEW GROWING LEAF will bring luck and prosperity to the owner.
  • Top Home Décor Item : Bamboo plants are perfect for home & office decor. They require low maintenance and add liveliness to the space they are placed in.
  • Dual Head Design: Two different options to water your plants; with spout head, you can pour water directly into the root with a steady stream or you can use shower head to water gently and evenly like rain.
  • Easy to Use : the bottle cap design makes it simple to use with plastic bottles available at home, just tighten it on the mouth of the water bottle like a cap and gently press it by hand, to water your plants or garden.
  • Plant Details : 6-8 Inch high | 17-19 Stalks || Sprinkler Specifications : Dual Heads (Shower & Pour Spout) | Size : 2.5 inch High & 3.5 inch Wide | Color : Red

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What People Think About the Plant

Awesome Seller!

The plant is too good, received in perfect packing. What else can a customer ask for. Kudos to the seller for being so professional and selling quality plants, beautiful!!Many thanks! :)

Worth for money

Plant received good, kind of advice is don't use tap water use distilled or rain water or water which is chemical free, worth for money and plant is very good

Bamboo plant 🪴

Very happy with the product


Full like

Worth it

Nice packing

Nice product

Its getting yellow day by i have to return

I liked the plant,but may be because of pot it was so small there were no space left in pot after putting plant in...its getting yellow



Paking is very goog

Paking and plant quality all are well as we expeThank you

Disappointed -

No Replacement... initiated Refund.The lucky Bamboo Stalk received is not fresh and healthy one.Few sticks are already yellow, pale and soft and one broken.Though other things packaging, pot, and dual sprinkler are fine main product itself is not good condition.

Product Details Updated on 2024-07-18 17:0:38 UST

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