Buy Air Purifying Areca Palm Indoor Plant for Home Online

Ugaoo Air Purifier Areca Palm And ZZ Plant

Ugaoo Air Purifier Areca Palm And ZZ Plant

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  • Material: Natural Live Plant in Premium Plastic Pot, Qty: 2 (Plant with Pot)
  • These are one of the most attractive, durable and tolerant houseplants.
  • It handles low light and needs less water.
  • Removes Formaldehyde, Benzene & Carbon Monoxide
  • Best Indoor Air Purifier Plants for home and office desk.

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What People Think About the Plant

Just go for it.

It's my second buy from Amazon and Ugaoo. It's a month now I'm giving review and my plants are pretty healthy and doing great. Adds beauty and Greenery in my home.

Highly Recommend

I had never bought live plants online prior to this order which I ordered along side Pink Syngonium and Peace Lily from Ugaoo.I was skeptical about trying one, I knew that even if plants quality are fine, they are always susceptible to suffering from shipping long distances, I was also worried about packaging. Kudos to team at Ugaoo, especially the care they took in packaging, all the plants that has been delivered, delivered in great condition and far exceed my expectations. I will recommend you to have a leap of faith in their professionalism and recommend you to get their Areca Palm and ZZ plants (also recommended their Pink Syngonium and Peace Lily plants as well)

White plus Green plant. Looks Great🏞

The packing was the best part i saw throughout this parcel, The packaging manpower should be awarded...Very cleverly and tightly compact so that the soil base do not spill out...Value for money,I love greenery so plan for some more of it from Amazon.👏

Trusted Online Nursery

What I liked was the overall health of both the plants. Of course, they arrived with some transit trauma but that's unavoidable when you're ordering plants online. Like humans, if their internal health is good, they recover in a week or two depending on how much care one takes of them. Secondly, I liked that the quantity of the plant was also good. So in case a leaf or a stem gets damaged during the travel, there are plenty left to begin with. My plants are with me for the past 40 days and they have recovered well, giving out new shoots and leaves. The ZZ got affected by some fungus I think and I approached Ugaoo and they reverted back pretty quickly and I really appreciate that! So, overall, my first experience with Ugaoo was good and therefore, I ordered two new plants. Now, let's see if they fail or flourish 🙂

Packed and loaded

Both plants were fresh.No indication on the packet for top or bottom. So, I opened it from the bottom and some soil fell in the ground.Both pots were sealed and secured with plastic straps though.Sphagnum moss on top of the soil. Good touch for longer hydration.Overall, a great buy. But I felt the cost was high, even at a lightning offer.

Very happy!

Was a little skeptical when the package arrived - it looked small. However, when I opened it, I was in for a pleasant surprise. The plants were not small at all - Areca plan is 50 cm (bottom of the pot till top of the plant) and ZZ plant is 40 cm. They had packed it by slightly bending the plants and hence the packaging looked small. The plants also look healthy. Very happy with them. Great job done by Amazon & Ugaoo.

Hardly satisfied

It’s not as healthy as I thought. When I received the plants, ZZ’s more than half stems were broken and palm’s only one stem was live. The soil was is very bad shape so I had to change the soil immediately. But now the healthy part of both the plants are surviving fine.

Healthy plants.

This is my 3rd purchase from ugaoo..a trust worthy brand for live plants purchase.Good and healthy plants..Only this time... My ZZplant pot was little bent (misshapen) due to pressure and cuz of this bottom tray is not fitting properly.. areca palm pot was intact.The remaining plant purchases along with this were intact and good.

Beautiful plants

Plants were received in good condition and plant was fresh with moist soil and no sign of plant distress.Only thing I felt was the pots are little small and its a hassle to transfer them to new pots..The plants sent were fresh and beautiful as in pictures.

Give it a try!

Ugaoo did a perfect packaging. Both plants received were intact and fresh with no visible damage.You should be careful with zz plant as its poisonous. The presence of live plant indoors uplifts your mood and this is an experience you could have only when you buy one.

Product Details Updated on 2022-08-01 6:26:19 UST

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