7 Best Hanging Planters in India 2023

7 Best Hanging Planters in India 2023
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FAQ's related to Hanging pots

What material are hanging planters made of?

The hanging garden pots are made of plastics, metal or coil. The metal ones are the most durable but they are non-porous so there is no proper drainage.

The plastic hanging pots are made of high-quality plastic and are highly durable.

The coir pots are made from coconut husk. They retain moisture and maintain soil pH level which favours plant growth.

How can I install the hanging flower pots?

The installation can be done in simple steps.

  1. Brackets, Hooks and metal chains are provided with the pots.
  2. First, attach the brackets to the wall and mark the position of the screws.
  3. Then drill holes on the marked position and fix the brackets firmly using screws.
  4. Now you can hang the pot using a chain and hook.

Will hanging plant pot drop down?

No, if the installation is done correctly these pots stay in their position and poses no danger.

How often should I water the plants in hanging pots?

It also depends on the climate. In summers, you can water the plants in hanging containers twice a day while in winters watering the plants one time is adequate.

Is a drainage hole required in hanging pots?

It depends on the material of the pot. For coil pot, the drainage is proper and so bottom holes may not be required. But for plastic and metal pots, drainage holes are necessary to allow plant growth.

How can I water the hanging plant pots?

If you can reach them comfortably, you can simply use a water mug. If the pot is hanging high above and is difficult to water, a water sprayer can be helpful.

Can I install the hanging plants indoors?

Yes, the hanging planters are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. These flower pots are ideal for the balcony as well. They add elegance and style to your home and add to home décor.

Details Related to the ceramic pots


Go Hooked Hanging Flower Pot


  • ✤【Attractive Round woven look and texture】-- Attractive woven look and texture that's remarkably similar to real rattan and the rounded design makes them an attractive addition to any part of the home - indoors or outdoors.
  • ✤【Suitable For】-- Perfect for your patio, garden, front porch, balcony or inside your home. Bring a green living to your home.
  • ✤【Made From Quality Material】 -- Made from 100% UV stabilised, BPA free polypropylene plastic ensures long lasting.

Buy Tez Hanging Plastic Planters


  • Color : Multicolor/Assorted; Rounded design makes them an attractive addition to any part of the home perfect for outdoor or indoor using<br>
  • The decor pot is made out of polypropylene resin, it with exceptional resilience and durability<br>
  • Attractive hanging spheres make a great addition to any part of your home attractive woven look and texture that's remarkably similar to real rattan iron chain hanger<br>

Leafy Tales Plastic Planters


  • Alluring Hanging pots for plants with hooks to hang from your balcony railings, kitchen, indoor rods, and entrance doors and enhance the home décor and are perfect gardening pots. This multicolour set can be an attractive addition to your house and garden
  • Perfect Plant pots for balcony decoration items outdoor; for decorating your deck, railing planters for balcony, fence, patio, terrace, balcony, lawn, garden, deck, balcony, home, kitchen, office, or anywhere you love. Also suitable for flowers, hanging plants, potted plants, herbs, fruits, succulents, vegetables, ferns, and more.
  • 100% UV stabilized, BPA-free polypropylene Virgin plastic ensures the durability of these Plastic Flower pot. Coated pots with Non-fading Colour, which protects from UV Rays of the Sun and helps maintain their shine. These hanging planters for living room balcony are a perfect addition to home décor

Ecofynd Cotton Flower Pot Holder


  • EXQUISITE PURE HANDMADE WEAVE: Highly Recommended for small size Flower Pots from 4 to 6 inches dia. Handmade of natural, high quality (made from plants) and designed to exceed your highest expectations! Truly beautiful timeless bohemian style with great accent matches with any modern or conventional style. Sleek plant hanger and matches perfectly with neutral pots and pottery.
  • VERSATILE PLANT HANGER: Cotton plant hanger can be used for indoor, outdoor, balcony, living room, kitchen, deck, patio, high and low ceiling and fits round & square pots. Unique design and hand knotted with finesse endless applications include hanging ceramic pots, metal pots, plastic pots, glass pots, etc
  • NATURAL MATERIAL: With a natural fiber abundant in nature comes an elegant look and shine and this rope planter holder does not contain any artificial ingredients or chemicals. It is 39 inches long with 4 legs and can sustain weight of more than 10 kgs, durable and premium quality plant basket holder made to last for several seasons to come.

Truphe Multicolour Hanging Pots for Home


  • [Package Content]: 6 x Multicolor Plastic Flower/Plant Pot. This garden flower pot set gives attractive look for flower arrangement, balcony gardening, creative cute indoor outdoor decoration lawn etc.
  • [Color]:Multicolor.
  • [Material] : These plant holders or hanging pots for plants balcony are 100% UV stabilized, Virgin plastic ensures their durability. Coated pots with Non-fading Colour, which protects from UV Rays of the Sun and helps maintain their shine.

Naoe Bamboo Wall Hanging Flower Pot


  • Made out of matured bamboo
  • The width of the product can vary from 38 cms to 50 cms as it is a natural product
  • It is ideal for indoor plants as well as you can hang it in outdoor in your balcony as well as garden

Coir Garden Plastic Hanging Basket


  • coir hanging baskets are made up of coir pots and metal baskets with chain.; Coir pots observes the water and keeps the plant more fresh.Retains moisture for longer period of time
  • Finish Type: Painted
Product Details Updated on 2024-07-18 16:57:26 UST
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