5 Best Coconut Cutting Knives in India 2022

5 Best Coconut Cutting Knives in India 2022
Product Details Updated on 2022-12-09 6:25:35 UST

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Crm Traders Handmade Coconut knife



Aminus Heavy Duty Coconut Cutter Knife


  • HANDMADE & DURABLE KNIFE: Made by traditional iron workers with their own hands for those who want high quality and performance. One of the major benefits of the AMINUS branded knife is fabulous finishing and durability.
  • INCREDIBLY RAZOR-EDGED KNIFE: This knife is a classic and famous traditional South Indian style vegetable / meat / farming knife. The knife is made single plane edged. This knife is so razor-edge bladed, that it will cut right through heavy vegitables, like jackfruit, elephant yam, pumkin..., etc. And other delicate vegetables without squishing or damaging its soft skin in the process. It’s also ideal for heavy duty home, restaurant cutting and outdoor activities (cutting wood and farming acts).
  • MULTI PURPOSE KNIFE: The 8 inch big blade chef knife can easily handle your daily kitchen and restaurent tasks. Such as chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, especially cut through meat ribs fruits and vegetables. It is heavier than classic chef knives, makes the cutting to be easier.

Amazon Brand Stainless Steel Knife


  • High-carbon stainless-steel blades for sharp edges
  • Triple-rivet handles ensure a comfortable, stable & secure grip
  • Meat Cleaver is ideal for cutting through meat & bone

Upright Handmade katan Coconut Cutter


  • TRADITIONAL DESIGN:- The knife is made of high-quality tempered-iron, made by Blacksmith with their own hands. Handle is made from wood, good looking, easy to hold.
  • USE: -This long big knife, With Sharp Cutting Edge and Comfortable Handling, is suitable for all Kind of Domestic work like hard wood cutting, Coconut Peeling-Breaking, chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing ,fruits, vegetables, meat etc.
  • DURABILITY:-This is Long Lasting made from Kerala rural area and Itis an indispensable accessory in every kitchen

Annam Coconut Scraper Knife


  • STRONG & STURDY TIP : The Coconut Splitter Tool has a strong and sturdy tip to pierce and split the coconut flesh from the coconut effortlessly. The knife does not need to be sharp. It only needs to be strong and sturdy to do the job.
  • PREMIUM WOODEN HANDLE : The Coconut Splitter has a premium long wooden handle for firm extra grip with an approximate handle length of 5.8 inches
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE : The blade of this handy kitchen knife is made of high quality stainless steel making it rust proof. 
Product Details Updated on 2022-12-09 6:25:35 UST
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