6 Best Hand Trowels for Gardening in India 2023

6 Best Hand Trowels for Gardening in India 2023
Product Details Updated on 2024-07-18 16:57:58 UST

FAQ's related to the Garden Trowels

What is a hand trowel?

A hand trowel is a gardening tool made up of a pointed blade (usually stainless steel) attached to a handle. They are available in different types and shapes such as spades, khurpa and trowel.

What is a garden trowel made of?

It is made of a blade fixed to a handle. The blade can be stainless steel or aluminium. The handle is made of plastic or rubber-coated metal. The handle provides grip and helps in gardening.

What are the uses of gardening trowels?

The towel can be used for various gardening activities like sowing seeds, planting vegetables & plants, digging holes, removing weeds and loosening soil.

Why is a garden trowel bent along the edges?

Most trowels have curved blades. It makes the tool stronger and helps the blade to dig into the soil easily. The bent sides also allow holding the soil when planting a seed or plant.

Does the hand trowel form rust?

No, it is made of steel or aluminium and is rust free.

How long a garden trowel does last?

The garden tools like trowels are made of premium quality material and are highly durable. However, proper maintenance can increase their life. Always wash and clean the trowel to remove mud and soil after use.

Details Related to the ceramic pots


Kraft Seeds Hand Trowel


  • Material:Iron, Color:Colorful
  • Package Contents:1Pc Trowel
  • Strong Rust Proof trowel Shovel is premium not even in looks but also in touch and feel

Buy Gate Garden Garden Trowel


  • Material: High-quality stainless steel that is bend-proof makes it the best hand shovel for working rocky or heavy clay soils. Metal parts are black powder coated for corrosion and rust protection.
  • The package consists of 1 big trowel
  • Essential gardening tools for home use or heavy duty and professional use with vivid orange handle and black blade combination ergonomic handle for planting applications; This garden tool is specially designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue while digging or tilling.

Wolf Garten Hand Trowel Online


  • Planting and transplanting even in heavy soils
  • The comfort zone on the handle prevents blisters on the fingers
  • Its depth and surface area allow you to dig and lift large amounts of soil with ease

Sharpex heavy Duty Trowel for Gardening


  • Heavy Duty Garden Tools - A strong, soft-handled shovel made of steel. The ideal hand shovel for handling rocky or heavy clay soils is made of one-piece stainless steel, which is bend-proof. A comfortable plastic grip with palm rest and a hole on the top for hanging.
  • Ergonomic Handles - The handles of this gardening set are designed ergonomically. The soft handles are excellent anti-slip performance. So, the handles are firmly attached and gentle & comfortable to hold.
  • Easy Storage - The gardening shovel is lightweight good quality work for long hours still not feeling tired. With the garden tools, you can enjoy your gardening time. A Great helper for gardeners. It has hole on the top for hanging.

Tad Stainless Steel Khurpi


  • Khurpa - 3 inch blade width
  • Made With 202 Grade Stainless Steel
  • A khurpa is a short handled cutting tool with a flat blade used for digging soil and weeding in small gardens or vegetable farms,

JetFire Hand Digging Trowel


  • <br>Hand Digging Trowel for planting and transplanting<br>
  • <br>Fixed handle<br>
  • <br>Package Contents: Trowel<br>
Product Details Updated on 2024-07-18 16:57:58 UST
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