5 Best Quality Hose Pipe for Gardening and Watering in India 2023

5 Best Quality Hose Pipe for Gardening and Watering in India 2023
Product Details Updated on 2023-02-06 15:25:46 UST

FAQ's related to the Water Hose Pipe

What is garden hose pipe made of?

These water pipes are available in PVC and rubber material. The rubber pipes are more durable, offer high quality, kinkfree and are more expensive when compared to PVC pipes. The PVC pipes are flexible, light weight and inexpensive.

What are Braided and Non braided garden hose?

The braided pipes offer high quality and are kink free which means there is no twisting of the pipe. On the other hand the non-braided gets twisted and tangled and gets damaged.

How long does the water hose pipes last?

These pipes are made from high quality material and last from 5-10 years.

Are hose nozzle and other attachments provided along the water pipe?

Some companies provide the hose nozzle and connector along with the product. You should check before buying.

Details Related to the ceramic pots


Garbnoire Hose Pipe for Gardening


  • Garbnoire Heavy Duty Garden hose: Presenting our premium range of water pipes for gardening. Packaged with hose connector & clamps, we make sure that you don’t want to leave your garden ;) Outdoors or Indoors, our pipes will give you a smooth cleaning, watering & washing experience.
  • -Flexible: Our pipes are Kink, twist & coil resistant. They are easy to roll and easier to store.
  • -Durable: Made with premium and quality PVC & Abrasion Resistant materials, our garden water pipes are meant for both light and heavy-duty uses.

Cinagro Heavy Duty Water Hose


  • Material: Flexible 3-layered heavy-duty PVC; Size: 1/2 inch(0.50 inch)
  • Perfect leak-proof: Our garden hoses are completely leak-proof, have anti-rupture property
  • Purpose: Helpful to maintain the moisture content in the soil / growing medium

Buy Zephyr Ruber Hose for Garden


  • Material:Other, Color:Blue
  • Item Dimension: 25.4 cm x 7.62 cm x 25.4 cm
  • Package Contents:1-Piece Garden Hose

Sharpex Garden Hose with Spray Nozzle


  • Heavy-Duty Garden Hose: Designed to be used for years to come, this durable hose pie is the best choice for watering the plants or washing your car. Hose is extremely pressure-resistant and keep its shape. It is built From Durable Resistant Materials & Thicker wall. This hose pipe comes with the great feature of remaining soft in any weather conditions.
  • Ultra-Light-Weight: This hose pipe is made of a quality material that makes it lighter than standard hoses, and its ultra-light weight material is easy to roll up and store in tight spaces. The hose pipe is made from soft and flexible materials and is built to last longer. Hose pipe is also tough enough to survive scraping on rocks and being stepped on without damage or leaking.
  • Function: With a burst strength, this hose is built for heavy duty jobs around your home and garden. Icy temperatures and sweltering heat are no match for this durable hose that can sustain extreme weather without damaging quality. It has Heavy duty thick-walled PVC reinforcement. Suitable for most spray nozzle, Hose extend attachments & connectors.

Lingraj PVC Hose Pipe India Online


  • DURABLE MATERIAL:- Crafted with high-quality PVC material, this hose pipe comes with the great feature of remaining soft in any weather conditions.
  • FUNCTION :- Used in gardening, water dispensing, convey water to the sprinkler, etc.
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS:- Water Pipe (Pipe Length: 30 meters, Hose: 0.50 inch)
Product Details Updated on 2023-02-06 15:25:46 UST
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